5 Common Services Web Design and Digital Marketing Agencies Offer

So, which is better for your business – hiring a web design agency or a web development firm? There are certainly pros and cons to each option, so it’s a question of how you use your time and money. The bottom line is that a web design agency is responsible for your website s design and look, while a web development firm handles the technical side of the website and the coding. However, a good web design agency will not only make your site look great, they will also help you manage all aspects of your online presence so that you can focus on your customer interaction.

How do you decide which is best for your business? While it’s true that hiring a web development firm may be less expensive than hiring a web design agency, the cost can become quite high if you choose a web developer who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. Often the result is an inexperienced developer who has done a poor job, so you’re paying him or her to repeat mistakes you could have prevented. Instead, why not let a web design agency to handle the coding and integration of your new online branding so that your customers know your company is serious about branding. This will give your brand more credibility and increase your reputation among your customer base.

Sayenko Design is a South African web development and branding agency known for creating eye-catching web pages and designs. If you have an in-house web developer, how are you supposed to compete with that? Sayenko Design believes in letting the experts handle the part while giving you more control. For instance, their agency developed a custom-made WordPress blog for a client, allowing him to manage the blog the way he wants and create posts at his leisure. This allows him to engage more in the daily tasks at hand, which can be beneficial in the long run.

Humor – A small South African web development and branding agency started by two young entrepreneurs in 2021. Their goal was to build a team of 50 employees by the end of the year, all of whom possessed the skills needed to take the brand further. The brand was developed using a digital strategy developed by the four founders: Bako Leete, Rufus Poorella, Thandiwa Mbuyu and Vitiatrice Masuku. Today, Humor has over 50 employees and is based in Gauteng.

Spinx is a web design agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. The founders had little experience in marketing and were surprised to learn that many of their client’s clients preferred WordPress as their blogging platform. The Spinx developers worked closely with WordPress until they were able to completely transform the platform into something they could call their own. Now, not only does WordPress allow users to publish content on a website, it also has a backend “Spinx” language that can be used in conjunction with custom WordPress themes. A great example of a spinx theme is a blog with images from Flickr and Twitter, created by the web design agency.

Cleveroad – This agency was founded by three smart guys who were tired of seeing similar websites with the same boring look and feel. The cofounders wanted to create an application that was unique to its domain; one that could solve a problem and provide a solution for its users. So the cofounders developed and launched Cleveroad. They have been very successful as a software application with over a million downloads. The most impressive feat was being able to convince Google to pick Cleveroad as their default app for Android.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – The other half of a successful SMM strategy is a great social media presence. The agency developed and launched a Facebook application for mobile app development that allows businesses to market through Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Marketing or SMM is a key component of every web design and it is one of the reasons why the web design and digital marketing agency you are working with exists in the first place.

Digital Marketing (DML) – This refers to any digital media including email, apps, and websites. Digital marketing agencies typically work with content in digital form. DML includes things like video, image, podcast, and other types of digital media. Many web design and digital marketing agencies outsource this type of work because it requires a different skill set than most traditional forms of marketing. It also provides a much higher return on investment.