Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is More Important Than Ever

Whether you are a new organization looking for a platform to build a strong online presence or an existing enterprise in dire need of a new direction, a Chicago SEO firm can help to enhance your online visibility by improving search engine rankings. It is important to consider that your competitors are doing exactly the same thing you are – only more efficiently and effectively. They have the same keywords, same content, and even the same address. You don’t stand out from a crowd if you do not have a distinctive address, or if you have the same website as your competition. A quality SEO service can help you connect with qualified leads who are ready to purchase.

The first step in gaining targeted web traffic and ultimately converting that traffic into leads is to improve your website’s ranking in the search engines. Chicago SEO firms understand this concept better than anyone. While there are numerous marketing tools available, including pay per click, traditional methods still work very well for getting a company seen in the search engines. Chicago SEO services know how important it is to get a company noticed and ranked highly.

Chicago SEO firms take an organic approach to online marketing that incorporates ethical link building. unethical link building, otherwise known as spamming, is a blackhat strategy that has been banned by the search engines. By using Black Hat SEO tactics, some companies can dramatically improve their rankings and page ranks, but at the expense of their clients’ websites. This is unethical and, in most cases, the penalties associated with such activities will not deter future attempts to spam. On the contrary, it is estimated that some companies have lost thousands of dollars in penalties for unethical link building.

Another key to high rankings is the use of targeted keywords. As previously stated, Chicago SEO firms utilize all of the tools at their disposal, including social media, blogs, and articles, to find potential customers and clients that are searching for specific products or services. By utilizing targeted keywords, these firms can ensure that a company website appears when someone searches for those keywords. This is how Chicago SEO works.

Many people believe that Google’s algorithms are too complicated and too intricate to have any affect on their page one rankings. Chicago SEO professionals disagree and state that their Chicago SEO services are capable of producing results of their clients’ pages appearing on the first page of Google. Chicago SEO services are able to guarantee rankings above the Google Page One rankings and they are also capable of bringing their client’s websites up into the top ten rankings. In many cases, they are capable of achieving first page rankings for their clients’ keywords.

Optimization experts also believe that a company cannot achieve success unless they apply the correct strategies on-site. It is important to understand that a company’s on-site optimization and off-site optimization are two different processes and are not related to each other. The on-site optimization refers to the things such as optimizing a website’s navigation, web content, and internal linking structures. These on-site factors can be very complex and may take months to complete. Therefore, many companies choose to outsource their on-site optimization to agencies like Chicago SEO.

Off-site factors include optimizing a site for Googlebot, the most widely used search engine; improving clients rank on popular search engines like Yahoo! and Bing; submitting articles and directories to popular websites; writing press releases and blog posts to promote a business; and participating in forums and discussions online. Many of the Chicago SEO experts will combine both on-site and off-site SEO techniques and will work with their clients to ensure that a company achieves the highest possible ranking on all of the major search engines. In some cases, the experts will implement a blended approach, which is a combination of on-site SEO strategies with off-site optimization techniques.

The results of having a Chicago SEO firm to work on your business’s website are nothing short of spectacular. With years of experience, they are capable of turning businesses’ websites around in no time at all. Many of these same experts will offer free consulting sessions where they will assess a company’s website, its ranking position, and its current state of search engine optimization. By taking advantage of these free consultations, businesses can save hundreds of dollars. Not only do these experts provide high quality consultation, but they also offer services like blog posts, link building, article submissions, social media marketing, and website analytics.