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Chicago SEO Services & Strategy for Chicagoland-based businesses. By identifying your business objectives, an experienced SEO consulting service can develop a comprehensive SEO approach that not only increases your initial organic search visibility but consistently builds long-term organic traffic via on-page optimization. To ensure that the investments you make in online marketing are optimizing your site holistically, develop data-driven individual SEO strategies focused on three pillars:

Keyword Positioning & Off-Page SEO There are many aspects of Chicago SEO that focus on keyword positioning. Because it is such an important factor in generating traffic, keyword positioning should be a critical component of every online marketing strategy. One of the most effective ways to position your website in the SERPs, and thus gain a competitive advantage, is through the use of off-page and on-page optimization techniques. We’ve identified six hallmark keywords associated with the art of Chicago SEO, and we will discuss below how each keyword relates to Chicago SEO.

The first pillar of our Chicago SEO function is link building. We utilize both on-page and off-page SEO tools to achieve our goal of building strong link relationships with high page ranking potential clients websites. As an off-page SEO tool, we build links to specific target pages by focusing on the most targeted search terms and pages within your niche, while we build inbound links from high authority websites. As an off-page tool, this includes social media, article submission, video submission, networking, and bookmarking efforts. This is accomplished by utilizing link exchanges and other types of link building strategies.

The second pillar of our Chicago SEO function is content strategy. This includes optimizing your site for targeted, high search engine optimization keywords. For example, if you are specializing in marketing to small businesses in the evening hours, targeting the words “nightly business hours” would be a good place to start. In this strategy you want to include both long tail and organic search terms that are more likely to be picked up by the organic search algorithms.

Thirdly, we have our content development strategy. When it comes to developing our content strategy, we rely heavily on the social media. We engage in blog commenting, forums, slack channels, video creation and all of the various Chicago SEO services we’ve developed and are leveraging at our disposal. We also hire a number of freelance writers and editors who specialize in content for Chicago SEO purposes. We also heavily rely on other forms of on-site SEO such as keyword placement, link building, content optimization and SEO coding to increase targeted traffic and rankings to your website.

The final Chicago SEO technique we’ll discuss is that of the in-depth audit process. The Chicago SEO community refers to this process as the “chickenshit audit.” It is simply an assessment of the current state of your website, done by a team of highly experienced SEO pros who specialize in search engine optimization and Chicago SEO in particular.

This process involves several different components. First, it will require an analysis of your current strategy, including keyword research, optimization, content development, etc. At this point it’s time to conduct a full-blown Google search on the various components of your website, focusing on both the current state and the problems you currently have with them. We recommend that you not use a Google search on your own because you may miss important factors or get inaccurate data. Instead, consult with a Chicago SEO firm that has conducted audits on your behalf to ensure that your current strategy is optimal.

Next, we recommend that you contact an SEO services company in Chicago specializing in providing organic search results. These experts can provide you with valuable information regarding the changes that are happening within the SEO industry. Most importantly, these experts can show you the results you’re expecting to receive by implementing your ideas into their strategy. By having solid organic search results, you can ensure that your business gets real results and that your online business can make a significant impact on your bottom line. To ensure that your business makes a positive impact, you should invest in quality SEO services from a qualified SEO service provider in Chicago. You can count on Chicago SEO professionals to deliver you the results you need at a price you can afford.