SEO Tutorials – Do You Really Need One?

If you have ever watched any videos on the internet, especially a free one, you might have noticed that there are some pretty silly SEO tutorials floating around. This article will discuss some of the silliest and provide examples of how to remove them.

The first SEO tutorial that I want to discuss is an example of how to create spam. I am sure that you have seen this many times before:

A content provider gets involved in generating content on another website and starts spreading the words about the new site across the web. It can be difficult to get rid of the spamming that takes place because it seems to be an inherent part of the process. Fortunately, I have found a free, and fairly easy way to remove it completely.

A simple solution to stop this spam is to go to your Google account, and search for this particular keyword. You should get a list of all the websites that you have an account with and will find this one.

Using the link on this page, go back to the site that you believe is trying to send the information about the new site. As long as the link is still active, and that site is following the guidelines of the site you are linking to, they will start receiving your link and possibly stop the spamming.

In order to remove the link to your website from the original website, just add some text to the links on the new site. This will stop the spamming, but the issue may come up again as the site owner might simply take it down.

Another silly SEO tutorial involves taking down the articles that you post to websites that do not provide any real content. This is a very common practice, but it is not something that should be done.

Websites that cannot provide any valuable content will have a very hard time ranking high on the search engines. It is much better to post quality articles to these websites, and have people subscribe to them.

When you create a new blog, you should consider getting into the SEO tutorial game as well. Just like article submissions, blog posts are great ways to get around articles that contain nothing useful.

Article submission is also used in SEO. As you know, articles are distributed in many forms: written, video, audio, etc.

Each article should be placed in certain categories, and with keywords that can be searched for on the search engines. Without article submission, these keywords are not properly indexed by the search engines, so a great SEO tutorial tip would be to submit articles to as many article directories as possible.

Articles are distributed to directories on a regular basis, so this will ensure that you do not waste precious time doing other things. All you need to do is spend some time and invest some time to build up some links, and you will reap the rewards for your efforts.